A Rail Hooksett Journey

THe 30 minute video of A Rail Hooksett Journey: Bridges, Trains and Things is now available for purchase from the Hooksett historical Society. Produced in 2010 it covers the old wooden bridges, the  lilac Bridge, the Train Trestle, the flood of 1936 and features old pictures of the Hooksett Depots, and pictures of the Pinnacle and the Riverside Inn

The proceeds from the film will help preserve Hooksett History . Donation is $6


Heritage Day 2011

here is a photo from the dedication of the ODD FELLOWS HALL  sign

Tell Me a Story

The Hooksett Historical Society in association with the Hooksett Public Library will be holding its next speaker program on Thursday May 26,2011 at 6:30 pm at the Public Library. Rebecca Rule will present That Reminds Me of a Story: Yankee Humor and the New England Storytelling Tradition Good stories never die, they evolve from teller to teller. New England has a rich and ongoing storytelling tradition from folklore to ″Bert and I″ to stories about your family, your life, or the town you live in. Humorist Rebecca Rule will prime the pump with stories she’s collected at small-town gatherings, often at historical societies and libraries, over the last ten years, plus a classic or two. Our ″discussion″ will be the stories that listeners offer up, and as one story leads to another — humorous, serious, thought-provoking, or just plain entertaining — we practice and preserve our stories and tradition. And laugh, a lot. The Program is made possible by the New Hampshire Humanities Council. Don’t forget Heritage on May 28 and the Societies Historic Treasure Hunt

Town Treasure Hunt

May 28,2011 will be the first Town Treasure Hunt for the Hooksett Historical Society

Teams of 4 or less ( per car) will compete in this historic treasure hunt by being the first or the team with the most correct answers . You will be given clues to located town historic sites and than ask to find the answer to the questions  which will be located at these sites.

Prizes will be awarded to the first and second place teams and runner ups will recieve token gifts for participating. There is a $20 donation with prices totaling up to $100 dollars . Rregistration will begin at  1230 at the Prescott library at 16 Main street and the competition will start at 1pm with all teams returning by 4pm.  For pre registration call jim 485 4951 and be the first to join in the fun