Past Events

October 2010- Premiere screening of “Bridges, Trains and Things”- a look at railroad and transportation Bridges of Hooksett past and present


Open Houses  Held-

Three open houses were held on August 17, 19,24

June 24- Head school

Location: Head School, Pleasant Street at Head Cemetery, Hooksett. Head School Preservation and School Life in the 1800s. After Kathie Northrup, Chair of the Heritage Commission, updated the members on the preservation project, schoolmarms from the Hooksett Head School Society gave us a glimpse into a typical Hooksett classroom in 1840. THe society were students and we were prepared for “Yes Ma’am,” reading, a little geography, mental arithmetic, and some interesting discipline for those of us who whispered during class or teased the girls. Schoolmarms who gave this class were Barbara Hill Allard and Ruth Knowles. Denise duchense


May 27-

A 1999 visit to 4 Holocaust sites- including Auschwitz present by Dean Robert Henry from UNH. The photo below was one shown during this emotional presentation.

For more information on Auschwitz visit this interesting site

May 22 Heritage Day

High lights included

A the unveiling of a roadside sign marking the site of Gile’s Tavern where President Jackson stopped in 1833..

A brief ceremony took place at the old Town Hall celebrating the site’s listing to the State Register of Historic Places.

Throughout the day two films were sshownbe showing. The first is the Heritage Commission’s Oral History Film Life in Hooksett, NH, Before World War II which contains reminiscences from long-time Hooksett residents. The second film is an excerpt from The Merrimack, a visual appreciation of the river and its tributaries, that highlights the Hooksett and Manchester portions.

A lecture by Bill Veillette, a trustee of Historic New England on Researching Your Old House in New Hampshire. He introduce the topic of documentary house research in New Hampshire. Using the Col. Robert Means house (1785) in Amherst as an example, Veillette demonstrated the variety of information sources available on New Hampshire houses, provide tips on how to approach your research, and offer examples of how to “connect the dots” to create a compelling story of your historic house and its occupants.

A session on Early Railroads in Hooksett was presented by Charles (Chuck) Tuson, a local railroad buff.

Schoolmarms from the Hooksett Head School Society, a group of retired teachers gave a brief glimpse into school life in Hooksett in the 1840s. . Former Hooksett teachers Barbara Hill Allard, Ruth Knowles, Sue Bennett, and Denise Duchesne were on hand.

The Heritage Commission repeated its “not much walking” walking tour of historic Hooksett Village

April 22


A State of mind was  a humorous look at NH from the time of King George III to the present. Highlights Colonial Days, the NH Political Traditions and Culture. This event took place at the Hooksett Historical Society in Hooksett, NH and will feature Carl Lindblade of the University of New Hampshire department of Hospitality Management.


 March 22, 2010 – Historical society held its monthy meeting at the Hooksett Public Library starting at 6:30. The Program l feature a ClearWater production of  The Merrimack- A visual appreciation of the River and it’s Tributaries. The Suncock River, Hooksett, manchester, Piscataquog River and Cohas  Brook.  This video offered a multitude of beautiful landscapes  discovered in the central section of the Merrimack watershed. Set to music and narration  the presentation includes old prints, photo’s and postcards.

The Program also include a ” Name that Artifact”  activity. The artifact was a old wooden pie oven remover. Wooden thongs with metal arms use to catch the side of the pie plate. The members also discussed the Merrymont ski area see link for information

March 10– Hooksett Historical society takes part in Boston Post Cane cermemony at Town Council Meeting.  Town Council Chairman Bill Gahara presented a plaque to 96 year old  Blanche Latouche with her son and daughter in law also present.  The Heritage commission , represented by Mrs Kate and the Historical society presented her a Town Blanket as a token of our apprecation 

Hooksett’s Boston Post Cane is on display in a handmade case on the first floor of the Municipal Building. The glass encased display case was handmade by Lucien Duhaime, son-in-law of a previous  holder of the Boston Post Cane, Mrs. Mildred Currier Wrenn.  For information on the history of the Cane  please visit

The Hooksett Historical Society proudly presented a special February 25, 2010 program in the month of the 201st anniversary of Abraham

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln as portrayed by Steve Wood

Lincoln’s birth. A Visit with Abraham Lincoln is as a first-person historical interpretation of our 16th president. Matching Lincoln’s height and beard, Steve Wood bears enough of a resemblance to make heads turn even when he’s not wearing his black wool trousers, vest, frock coat and stovepipe hat. By speaking as Lincoln at historical societies he strives to give humanity to the man who is already well known through photographs, his own spoken and written words, and the many books that have been written about him.

Lincoln, the storyteller, talked of his early life, including his love of reading and his varied work experiences, which ranged from farm work, store keeping, and surveying to self-study of law. He commented on his debates with Stephen Douglas while campaigning for the Senate, his successful bid for the Presidency, the resulting war and closed with a reading of the Gettysburg Address.

After his formal presentation, Wood stepped out of character and entertained questions about his portrayal of Lincoln. He has done considerable research in his efforts to portray the man and can share what he’s learned from noted writers and lecturers. It is hoped that audience members will be encouraged to do further research on their own after hearing Mr. Lincoln speak.

This program was sponsored in conjunction with NH Humanities Council and the Hooksett Public Library. President Lincoln welcomed photographs after the program.

For more information about Steve Wood and his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln, visit or contact Mr. Wood at 

Steve and Sharon Wood
43 Centennial Street
Claremont, NH  03743

Tel: 603-542-6454

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Programs from last year included the following – Concord Coach, Franklin Pierce – New Hampshires only President,  Peyton Place, Moxie- How it helped win WWII, Hooksett before WWII.

THose programs were held at the Hooksett Public Library


3 Responses

  1. This was a wonderful program. President Lincoln portrayed by steve woods was a fun filled event which included Lincoln antidotes on his schooling, his size
    where he asked a member of the audience to stand side by side with him to see if he could measure up with him and stories of his visit to NH to see his son
    in exeter. It was like Lincoln was giving a presidential speech without telepromtors , which is so common today . During his presentation he reflected on the hooksett soldiers who serve by reading their names and ended with a inspired reading of the Gettysburg address.

    many members in the audience took the great opportunity of having pictures taking with the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln in Hooksett was a truly remarkable event

  2. The Merrimack river video was very enjoyable. It contained footage of the roaring merrimack river over the Hooksett falls and including great old pictures and postcards of the Hooksett bridges from the past and the present.
    The Manchester portion was just as impressive with great archival photo’s of the Amoskeag Mills and its used of the falls.
    The audience was stump when ask to identify the Merrymount ski area- yes Hooksett had a ski area with Night lighting and three trails. For those who missed out on the meeting- you missed a great one

  3. A State of mind was a wonderful program> Mr LindBlade was histerical with his skills as a great story teller of NH Events, including ones on our Governors, Presidential visits, Katherine Hepburn and On Golden Pond, Man of the Mountains and Town Meetings. As a leader in NH tourism programs his insights into NH Past and Present provided the audience with great laughs and fun filled stories

    A great program to say the least

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