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a item in our collection features this business which was located in the vicinity of the NH Grange on Riverside drivebeef



A post card of  Donati Artstone Center- early 70’s   this was located on the corner of west Alice Ave and Hooksett Rd

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The Hooksett village Train depot was located acroos the street from Robies Country Store.  It is currently the site of the Merrill Follansbee American Legion Post. A small sign can be seen at its location , simple noting ” Hooksett”    on the red white and blue marker

train depot

another view of the Village Depot

Village Depot looking South


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  1. I was wondering if there is a Historical Society for Hooksett. Also wondering if the town hall has records of the towns people that researchers can view.

    Thanks Rosanna

  2. How do I join the Hooksett Historical society?

    And does the town hall have records for a researcher to view?

    Thanks Rosanna

  3. I have been thinking lately of the dairy farm that was on Farmer Road when I was a young child. The property is now owned by David Gould. His grandfather (Ernest Gould) purchased it from the dairy owner. I believe his hame was Shepherd. When my grandfather moved in with our family he used to go and help the owner milk the cows twice a day. Am I correct about that and can you tell me more about that farm? Do you happen to have any photographs of it?

    • I also knew Ernie Gould , The farm house is still there but the cows now longer roam. I believe a portion of the farm was sold for other homes to be built. I will double check and make a post if i find more information

  4. I am looking for information regarding the old Naval Yard that use to be located in Hooksett, NH?

  5. I have 2 photos of the old Rose Corner Filling Station just before it collapsed. Will email if I can get an address.

  6. My father grew up in Hooksett. He moved there from Washington DC om about 1936. He lived there until he married my mother in 1956 at which point he moved to Goffstown. This is where I grew up. The point to my little story is that there is a Facebook page call “We grew up in Goffstown” and people are allowed to add and share photos of past and current events, people, homes and anything significant to the town of Goffstown. There is also another called ” I lived in Goffstown” which is along the same lines as the other page. I’m suggesting that someone in your community prehaps start a Facebook page where people could contribute to the page with pictures and history of Hooksett. I know that I have a few pictures of my dad standing in front of a school in Hooksett which is now a private business.
    Thank you for your time.
    Marlene Champagne – Kincaid

    • there is I remember Hooksett page, where individual do post- I am not sure if our website allows posting of pictures directly. You could always send to me personally and than I can add to the site. any photos, or scans of photos of Hooksett would be appreciated. we have many items at our society but always look for help

  7. My grandfather, William Everett Link, b. 1891 in Baltimore, MD lived in Hooksett, NH. He died in 1951. In his obit it states that he was the proprietor of the Forest Hill Cabins. I would love to know more about the cabins and would especially love seeing pictures of them.

    • I am not sure about those cabins- I have never heard of them- there were many various lodges with cabins- but I do not recall coming across that name- we had dolly dimple cabins, pauls cabins, toms motels and cabins, Indian cliff and Burbank cabins but not sure about Forest hill- do you know where the were located or near

      • No, I just have the obit (Manchester Union Leader 27 Jan 1951) for my grandfather. The funeral home responsible for making the final arrangements was The Paul H. Cate Funeral home of 573 St, corner of Harrison.
        I will try to see if I can view a 1951 map of Hooksett, perhaps we could find it then.

  8. William E. (Everett) Link’s wife, Jennie worked in Scott’s Tea Room in 1955. Scott’s was located on DWH, Hooksett. In 1955 Jennie’s home address was RFD #1, Reeds Ferry, NH. I am not familiar with the area, does this provide any clues?

  9. Hi. I did not grow up in Hooksett, not even on the East coast, but my father lived there periodically visiting his aunt(?) and spending summers with her. William Head, my father, has since past on. He was middle aged when I was born and remember him telling stories of his aunt Millie and how beautiful it was in Hooksett. That was all he was able to share and I am trying to help my mother find information on our family. If anyone has info on the Head’s or relatives of Hooksett, please contact me.
    Thank you so much.

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