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April 28 2016 meeting minutes

April 28th 2016 minutes- Brian Baer, Treasurer of HHS, open meeting to about 50 people in attendance. The Business portion was not held because of a delay  in starting and the program of the evening began immediately. Ted Zalewsk presented ” All aboard the Titanic” which was a program through the NH Humanities Council. next event will be May 21,2006 on Heritage Day when the HHS will be open from 10am- 1 pm. Next regular meeting is  May  26, 2016

OLD TOWN HALL Preservation efforts

This courtesy photo from the Hooksett Old Town Hall committee =NH Preservation Alliance. Elizabeth Durfee Hengen is seen here inspecting the large windows on the south side of the main building which were covered by the 1937 addition



Calendar of Society events

Society updates their calendar of events
April 28- All Aboard the Titanic 630 pm at Hooksett Library
May 21- Heritage  Day- Arah Prescott Library open
May 26 – John Clayton – “You Know You’re in New Hampshire When ” 630 pm Hooksett Library
June 23- Etched in Stone- Merrimack County Cemeteries 630 pm Hooksett Library

All aboard the Titanic

All Aboard the Titanic
Thursday April 28 at 6:45 p.m.
All Aboard the Titanic responds to people’s enduring fascination with this historic, and very human, event. Including and moving beyond the physical facts of the story, Ted Zalewski explores the personal experiences of selected passengers and crew, including those with New Hampshire affiliations, emphasizing examples of individual courage and triumph. This event is open to the public and there is no charge to attend. The event is made possible by New Hampshire Humanities and is co-sponsored by the Hooksett Library and Hooksett Historical Society. There will be a brief 10-15 minute business meeting for the Historical Society beginning at 6:30 p.m

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HHS honors to Town Volunteers

Gerry Handley and Arnold Green , who passed away with the last month contributed to the Town of Hooksett. Mr. Handley served as School Board member, Town Councilor  and Mr. Green was a Town Selectman. Both men’s Contributions made Hooksett a better place to live


HHS celebrates Margaret Bourke-White

The Historical Society celebrated fame photographer Margaret Bourke -White with their March meeting presentation that drew a large crowd.  thanks to the HPL and  speaker Sally Watson for the delightful program.  a brief Business meeting was also held updating members and attendees of HHS activities. 25 people were in attendance, meeting conducted by Bob Thinnes 20-25 031