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This Exciting site will provide you with  information on the Hooksett Historical Society and about interesting facts about the History of Hooksett . the HHS is now 43 years old and our town is 195 years strong.

Look at the various pages for town and society events, photo’s and archival items.  Each page will give you a unique look into our history, its buildings, its people and its life.

Enjoy! Join the Hooksett Historical Society and become part of Hooksett History. Contact the society if you are willing to help at openhouses, inventory or organizing our collection.  Theres many things that can be done.  

The header photo is taken from a circa early 1900’s postcard which depicts the railroad trestle with the old wooden passenger bridge ( in background) on the Merrimack River in Hooksett Village.

The Historical society meets the 4th thursday of the month in September, October, March, April, May and June. Other meetings scheduled as needed. Open houses are held throughout the Year and private appointments can be arranged


Photography of Ernie Gould- Pictures of Hooksett’s Past

On Thursday, October 25, at 6:30 p.m. at the Hooksett Library, the Historical Society will feature The Photography of Ernie Gould–Pictures from Hooksett’s Past. Mr. Gould was a local photographer and civic-minded resident, recognized as 1985’s Citizen of the Year. He was his ship’s photographer in WW II and later worked as the official photographer for the NH Fish and Game Department, the Manchester Historic Association, and Hooksett’s Historical Society. He also did photographic work for several of the largest architectural and engineering firms in the area. A meeting of the Historical Society will precede the program.

Manchester and the USO

David Cawley Middle School site history question

A history question- we received at inquiry – in regards to the site of the Cawley middle school school – a gentlemen would like to about a farm that was at that location owned by Rodger La Rochelle. And he also believes prior to that it was called the welcome Farm. Does any one have any information. we at HHS are not familiar with this information thanks


Howard Johnsons

this photo which has appeared on the Facebook site- I am from Manchester and remember has garnered  many comments and is worth posting here- Please share memories or photos of this old Hooksett Landmark



June 28,2018 Open house Cancelled

The HHS has decided to cancel our meeting tonight due to severe weather as well for the safety of our patrons and members.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Look for additional Open houses through out the Summer

May minutes

On May 20th, the Society held its meeting at the Hooksett Public Library.


In a brief report, HHS President updated attendees on Activities that occurred at Heritage Day and HHS program on the 19Oth birthday of Governor Head at Head Cemetery.

Treasurers report – 3979.03 on hand

Program on Town Reports followed

Up coming events for June 2018

June 18th- Historical Society to sponsor a 8th grade History award at Cawley recognition night- Bob Thinnes to present on our behalf

June 28th– “A night at the Museum” –  the Arah Prescott Historical Library will be open from 6pm to 8pm >  This will be the final event of the year and serves as Junes program.  It will feature historical puzzles and name that item .     At this meeting we will be offering memberships for the following year.  $ 3 per person or $5 family-  Notices to appear on facebook and on this site