Newsletter coming

The November/December 2010 society newsletter will be coming soon. It will feature focus on the Pinnacle and highlight the society’s past year.


Pinnacle is our’s

The town of Hooksett is now the proud owner of a historic piece of  property. The town council and the Conservation commission have worked together to purchased 37 acreas of land known as the Pinnacle and will also included waterfront land on Pinnacle pond. As mentioned by The honorable David Hess at the public hearing  this natural landmark was chronicled in Henry David Thoreau’s ” a week on the merrimack and was the home of a 5 story wooden observation tower, a park and great views of the merrimack valley

Arthurs Food Mart

Here is a picture of a recent acquisition to the society collection

This store operated until the mid 70’s and was owned by Arthur labonville. It is now a auto repair shop across from the firebird motel