June 23, 2011 minutes of Society Meeting


Minutes June 23, 2011 HHS Meeting Hooksett Public Library Meeting called to order at 630 with 26 in attendance. Society provided up dates on future meetings for the 4th Thursday in July and August. These summer meetings will be held at the Prescott library and will concentrate on identifying our collection.

On July 11 and 18th open houses will be held at society building – Volunteers requested to man hours from 11 to 2 . It is hope that Septembers 2011 meeting can be held at the old Lincoln Park schoolIt was announced that members wishing to be on the Board should make their interest known. Discussion occurred on glass sliders for the Town Hall cabinets – cost per cabinet is $450 as quoted by ABC glass- A possible solution is to replace the slider track with a higher one in order to fit the current glass doors we have. Information to be sought the week of June 27th


A postcard of the pinnacle was presented by K Northrup and a brief review of Heritage day 2011 was provided. We only had one team involved in the 1st Treasure Hunt and the Odd fellows sign dedicated at Jacob Square The program was provided by NHHC and it was conducted by Glenn Knoblock on NH Cemeteries and Grave stones highlighting the carvings on this historic stones – Meeting ended at 8pm


Unofficial minutes


Beau-Clair Motel

Here is a new item acquired by the Historical Society – its the old   Beau- Clair motel just south of Alice ave near the 93 interchange. It is currently the FireBird Motel

Pinnacle photo display

The Heritage Commission historic site of the month is the Pinnacle.  Check out the photo’s at the Town Hall . The Pinnacle was recently purchased by the conservation commission

some great pictures show the Pinnacle in its glory days

New Hampshire Cemeteries and Gravestones

Rubbings, photographs, and slides illustrate the rich variety of gravestones to be found in our own neighborhoods, but they also tell long-forgotten stories of such historical events as the Great Awakening, the Throat Distemper epidemic, and the American Revolution. Find out more about these deeply personal works of art and the craftsmen who carved them. Learn how to read these stone ″pages″ that give insight into the vast genealogical book of New Hampshire.

This program will be held on June 23, 2011 at the Hooksett Public Library beginning at 630 pm and is being co sponsored by the Hooksett Public Library and through the NH Humanities Council