Sky Ray motel

 NH   MANCHESTER   SKY RAY MOTEL  1966 postcard

this postcard was recently obtained and was located at 1330 Hooksett rd and is currently the home of Barrett Insurance.  this was one of the many motor inns that were located in hooksett. The Sky Ray Drive In theater was located behind this motel and is the current home of Granite State Market Place.  The Society is looking for Photo’s or items from this  theater .

On a personel note- I remember seeing a double feature here in the early 70’s were the Disney movies ” Gus ” and ” blackbeards ghost” were shown. the theater included a childrens play area and a snack bar/ Remember



September 23 meeting

The September 23, 2010 meeting will take place thursday at 630 at the Hooksett public Library.  Genealogy is the program so come find your roots. light refreshments to served  . Nominations for  Officers to take place and a brief business meeting to be included.  Society to vote on authorizing expending this years funds we recieve from the Town Of Hooksett

Head School Dedication

the dedication will take place on October 2, 2010 – check out the  Town events for information on this Event.

The Head school also graces the front cover of the annual Town Report

China Dragon Menu found

The society bid on and won a circa 1980’s Menu from the world famous China Dragon restuarant which was located on Hooksett Rd Just north of Rileys guns.  It was destroyed in a Fire in early 1988.  As a Side note- I was there and it was such a trajedy to loose such a great building. I was also known as the Jade Dragon and previously know as Allen Lodge and GoatLand Ball room.  The Old marble Dragons that once adorned the front of the restuarant are now located on the grounds of the Prescott Library

here is a match book from the dragon that was also obtained.   the society has a piece of the carpet from the restuarant and a ashtray as well plus photo’s of the restuarant

Society goes to Council

The Historical society appeared before the Town Council to give an update on our activities. It included comments on our new website, newsletter and programs. A small pamphlet of historical information was presented to them including a article on the  ” Hooksett Raid”   ON behalf of the HHS I want to thank the Council for their invitation and their interest in the HHS

September Newsletter now available

check the new issue of the HHS Newsletter- It’s a spotlight on Genealogy which is the topic of the Sept 23 program

Hooksett Mystery Photo

This is the first installment of a new feature in HooksettHistory web page. The first to identify will win a free membership to the Hooksett Historical Society

Good luck!!!!!!!

we have a winner- the location is the old ski lodge at Merrimount on 3-A and Hackett hill