Town Family Fued raises $749

The event sponsored by the Historical Society and Heritage Commission Raised $749 for the Veterans memorial restoration project. The Society was pleased to co sponsor this event and shows its support for all things Historic Hooksett.  A recently obtained research booklet is available to be viewed which referances the Hooksett Soldier who served in the Civil  War. A placque on the main memorial names those Civil War Veterans.   The winning team was the Super Librarians . The event recieved tremendous support and will become a annual event and its funds will be used for various historic projects in Hooksett


Town to install Ramp

A ramp will be installed at the Prescott Building > It will be located in the North east corner , in the back and will be incorporated within the same ramp that will provide new access to the Old town hall. This ramp will allow handicap accessibility without effecting the intregrity of the front of this 1909 building.  It will also allow for the old wooden ramp and entrace to the 1828 Town hall  to be removed and allow the front of that building be restored closer to its original appearance. As a  Town historic site , as well as  State historic Site and a building eligible for the National Registry members of the society, heritage commission, town and the division of NH historic resources met to discuss the best approach and decided that the ramp will provide needed acccess and maintain the buildings historic features without inpacting the national registry application. Peter Michaud from the State indicated to paraphase stated ” this is a win win situation for both the Prescott and Old Town Hall and will increase accessability to both buildings with limited inpact on their historic signficance”  Look for the new ramp soon

9/27/ 2012 Historical Society meeting minutes

the meeting was open at 630 , there were 30 people in attendance. President Sullivan welcomed the audience and the speaker and spoke on the recent activites of the society which included co hosting a the town family Fued with the Heritage Commission for the Veterans Memorial  project. It raised $749 . the society meeting in October will be part of History month which will include the Prescott building being opened, board installation and video on recent finds in the collection.Other grou[s will host a one room school house program, a hooksett haunts and a program on the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile crisis. The Society Building will become Handicap accessable with a ramp that will access to the Prescott and allow a new access to the Old town hall. Project to begin hopefully soon.  A motion was made by Bernadette Cheveratte to allow the board to spend $750 of town funds on items for the collection and archival equipment. Motion seconded by Evelyn Green Law. Motion passed.   A Old Suncock Bank Pen was also recieved from Kathy Northrup. the Bank was located next the Dunkin Donuts on Rt 3 .   Mat Bose from the Library was introduced and asked members if they were aware of a old farmhouse on edge water drive. it is believed to be owned by the janison family.  After a brief discussion Matt Introduced maggie Stier who spoke on the Old Man of the Mountian from its initial discovery in 1804 to its fall in 2003 and its memorialization. It included photos, postcards and stories of its importance to the State of NH. a brief video of its story was also included. at the end of the meeting- new members sign up and others renewed their membership. the speaker was provided through the Hooksett Library and a grant from the NHHC

History Month

Here is the flyer for the History month events for Hooksett



100th post

Since the first post on Hooksett History back in January 2010 the Hooksett historical society has been busy with activities, open houses, organizing, scanning, inventorying , hosted great monthly programs. We have participated in heritage days, Heritage weeks and months, lent our support to other preservation projects in town, hosted dedication ceremonies and added to our wonderful collection of Hooksett.   Since it was founded in 1974 the Historical Society has been at the four front of  preserving Hooksett history and we plan to continue to promote and contribute to our wonderful town.  Lets keep our history alive

Town Hall Medallions

THe Heritage Commission has come out with another great sourvenir for Hooksett. The is a glass medallion that features the historic Old Town Hall. They are available at Town Hall for purchase. All proceeds benefit the programs of the Heritage commission


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Old Man and the Mountain program this thursday 9/27

The HHS September meeting will be 9/27/ at the Hooksett library starting at 630 pm. this month program is co sponsored by the Public Library and is offered through the NH Humanities Program.  Hope to see you there