Prescott Museum featured in Advantage magizine

A photo of the prescott museum was featured in the local community magizine called ” Advantage” . The feature spotlights the community of Hooksett as a surrounding town to Manchester and features visitor attractions, activities and local restuarants


A walk back in time: The secret of celler holes

On March 22, 2021 the Hooksett Historical society and the Hooksett Public will host a program on the secret of celler holes. Adair Mulligan will be our guest speaker and  during the program, we will explore the rich story behind such abandoned places, and see how one town has set out to create an inventory of its cellar holes, piecing together the clues left behind on the landscape. Such a project can help landowners know what to do if they have such archeological sites on their land, and help stimulate interest in not only a town’s past but its future