4/26 HHS meeting minutes

HHS meeting – 4/26/2018- 630 pm at Hooksett Public Library

Meeting came to order with Martha Simmons of HPL  welcoming guests and thanked NH Humanities

Jim Sullivan provided a HHS update-  the society will be sponsoring the 8th grade History Award to be presented by Bob Thinnes on behalf of HHS.   New Displays have been created at the Town Hall (  town reports and Village school items) and we are planning open houses on  Saturdays during the summer.  Heritage day will take place on May 2oth and will include Open house at Prescott, Old Town Hall, displays at Robies.  The HHS will host a ceremony to honor Governor Head’s 190th birthday ,which will include a wreath laying and a visit from “the Ghost” of Mrs. Head.  School Marms of Head  School Society will be on hand at the school.  It was indicated that the May program would be on Town Reports and June’s would feature Wedding Dresses

Speaker Robert Perrault, was introduced to the attendee’s (21)  who presented his program on  Putting Human Faces on the Textile Industry – Daily life for the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company’s textile worker was not easy. Robert Perreault sheds light on how people from a variety of European countries as well as from French Canada made the transition from an agrarian to an industrial society and how that change affected families, cultures, the nature of work, and relationships among workers themselves,  As a local connection , Hooksett had its own Mills, Dundee, whose workers would have had similar experiences.


Putting Human Faces on the Textile Industry: The Workers of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company-

Thursday April 26,2018 at 7pm at Hooksett Public Library . Daily life for the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company’s textile worker was not easy. Robert Perreault sheds light on how people from a variety of European countries as well as from French Canada made the transition from an agrarian to an industrial society and how that change affected families, cultures, the nature of work, and relationships among workers themselves. As a local connection, Hooksett was home to Dundee Mills and its workers would have similar experiences – a NHHC event-  photos of  the Hooksett mills

NH Humanities – “If I am Not For Myself, Who Will Be for Me?” George Washington’s Runaway Slave

Join us for a special Civil Rights Day NH Humanities event!

Oney Judge Staines, according to the Constitution, was only three-fifths of a person. To her masters, George and Martha Washington, she was merely “the girl.” All she wanted was the freedom to control her own actions, but her account of escaping the Executive Mansion in Philadelphia, fleeing north and establishing a life in New Hampshire is not a typical runaway story. Portrayed by Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti, Oney’s tale provides an alternative perspective on the new nation’s social, political, and economic development, from one whose personal experience so contradicted the promise of the principles embodied in the nation’s founding documents
January 15,2018 630 pm at Hooksett library

Historic plaque and marker


the dedication of these took place on Saturday  10/21/2017  – location at the intersection of Martins ferry Rd and North River Road

October 26,2017 HHS minutes

October 26,2017

called to order at 630 pm  – Hooksett Public Library-   board introduced

Jim Sullivan- using display boards created by the Old Town Hall Preservation Committee- provided the  16 in the audience an update on the progress of OTH.  These included replacement of North windows, removing final section of second floor, and addition ceilings.  Change in original plans with the location of Bathrooms to remain at entrance- two unisex bathrooms( 1 to meet ADA)  and pantry in old clerks office as well as proceeding with require plumbing.  Plans to expose brick on south side of building and next steps were identified.

Speaker Paul Wainwright- spoke on Colonial Meeting Houses- there origins, uses and present slides on examples of ones existing in New England discussed.   the program was cosponsored by HPL and HC and provided through NH Humanities

treasurer reported no change in funds and  the HHS announced scouts visited the library in the past week.   Next meeting to be held in March 2018 and ideas for programs and volunteers requested

history month

12122541_10200967443824153_5502998156234475388_nmartins ferry

The Heritage Commission will celebrate the story of the Martin’s Ferry community in Hooksett when it hosts the unveiling of the town’s 10th historic roadside marker at 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 21, near the intersection of Martin’s Ferry and North River Roads. Another plaque will be accepted which tells the story of the Allen Farm (1918-1987), one of the last farms in the area. Both the marker and plaque were generously donated by Southern NH University.    On Thursday, October 26, at 6:30 p.m. the Hooksett Library, Historical Society, and Town Hall Preservation Committee will co-sponsor the NH Humanities program titled “New England’s Colonial Meetinghouses.” Using photographs of the few surviving “mint condition” meetinghouses as illustrations, Paul Wainwright tells the story of the society that built and used them, and the lasting impact they have had on American culture. A meeting of the Historical Society will precede the program. The chair of the Town Hall Preservation Committee will also give an update on the progress of the current rehabilitation project. Photo displays of the history of Hooksett’s old town hall and plans for its future will be available for viewing.


Sept 28,2017 HHS minutes

Hooksett historical society – meeting minutes.

Sept 28, 2017 630 pm at Hooksett Public Library

Called to order- welcomed guests.Board positions opened for nominations- slate of officers proposed will be J. Sullivan President, B. thinnes- VP, B. Baer – treasurer and D. Valade – Secretary-   board will be sworn in at October meeting

Upcoming events announced –  History Month/week-  October meetings to be on Colonial Meeting Houses and will feature update on Old town hall.Heritage to hold marker dedication for Martins Ferry and  plaque for Allen Farm- tentative date is October 21

Ask for members to authorize of town funds of $750 to be uses for society needs, programs and activities- no objections. Treasurer Report – 4,006 in society account

Other activities- looking to find a contractor to repair wood work for entrance to Prescott

Members plan to attend NH Historical society workshop on November 4.Board to meet with a company called Kofile to help expedite scanning and historic document preservation.Google map project on town historic sites

General discussion on town lilac bridge project, a brief history of Library buildings being donated . Inform them that the annual report was submitted to the town which covers all our activates, programs for the year covers us in the official minutes but we will work on improving and getting meeting minutes posted

Speaker Jo Radner, a former professor at American University who spoke on Yankee Ingenuity – stories of New England folk history which was cosponsored by HPL via NH Humanities Council. There were 16 in attendance = meeting adjourned at 8:05