Society Supports Old Town Hall

The membership recently approved a letter to be sent to support Old Town Hall and its moose plate grant request. The Letter stated
The Hooksett Historical Society would like to extend its support for the
proposed work to be funded in their grant application. Our old Town Hall has
been the focal point of town history since 1828. The Historical Society, whose
home is in the Prescott Library, built in 1909 and sits next door, applauds the
efforts of the Old Town Halls Preservation Committee in rehabilitating the
building and its wonderful tin ceiling. The funds from the conservation license
Plate grant program is key to this worthy project.
The Hooksett Historical Society is fully supportive of this endeavor and
hopes to take advantage of the restored building by holding meetings, events and
using it for the possible expansion of its historical displays. The society is proud
of our towns history and having two buildings , both on the State Historic Registry,
open for the citizens to enjoy and glimpse its past heritage is worthy of our great
town. We hope that the conservation license Plate grant program will consider this
application and provide funds to this great cause and help save Hooksett oldest
public building. Please help save our Towns Halls tin Ceiling.


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