March 27 2014 HHS minutes

Historical meeting held at Hooksett Library 3/26/2014

Guest speaker Michael Tougeas

Attended by 51 members and friends

Meeting opened by Jim Sullivan at 6:30pm

Announced this will be the 40th anniversary of the Hooksett Historical Society. He had sketches made of historical Hooksett buildings by a friend and will be sold for $5.00 each. He then mentioned that a petition was going around to be able to use a grant from the moose plates to fix the tin ceilings in the old Town Hall building so that we could use for historical purposes. A vote was taken, Diane Valade 2nd the motion and all other members agreed. Diane Valade also has a completed petition with signatures that she will bring to the town hall this week.

Jim announced Michael Tougias, who spoke about his book Fatal Forecast, and showed slides about the storm. He has written several books, one just released today The Bounty, and one Finest Storm will be produced as a movie soon.

Members bought books and had them signed by Mr. Tougias at the end of the evening. Matt Bose from the library video taped the session.

Thanks to the library for helping with this historical evening, and to all who attended and made this a wonderful start to our historical programs for the coming year.


Diane Valade


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