October 24 Meeting minutes

The meeting was called to order at 630 pm at the Hooksett public library. the society was updated on the new handicap ramp at the Prescott library the ramp and railings have been completed , the new entrance door still needs to be painted and woodwork completed. With the construction, the building will need to be cleaned and reorganized and display cabinet reworked. Volunteers needed to do this work. Also we are looking for volunteers to do inventory and scanning. Jim Sullivan also indicated that the vote made in September regarding the towns funds of $750 was done to allow for small purchases to add to the collection and for board work. If there is to be any large purchases, similar to the laptop from last year, a separate vote will be requested. Currently the town balance for this year remains at $750. Last years expenses were highlighted and we spent $785.27 of town funds. included in this was $125 for programs, $376.99 for laptop, $140.79 of Ebay historic items and for secretary cost of $139. Treasurer Brian reported on HHS Funds and reported the following 10/24/2013
13.00 Membership
5.00 Membership
242.00 Speaker Fee
574.52 Town Allocation
2.41 Interest
Total Deposits $834.52
50.00 NHHC Membership
356.20 Speaker Fees
376.99 Laptop
122.53 Supplies
Total Expenses $905.72
Current Balance: $3,800.61

The HHS also reviewed the veterans park dedication on October 6,2013 which the society helped raise funds with our sponsorship of two town family feuds and also discussed that two programs for next year have been booked. President Jim Introduces the speaker Aimee Fogg who presented a 40 minute program on the Granite Men of Henri-Chapelle. It was a program on NH Soldiers buried a this Military cemetery in Belgium , her research on their stories and about the cemetery. She highlighted two soldiers- one was Hooksett’s own Omer Nadeau who was declared missing in action and his name is inscribed on a memorial there. Also highlighted was Henry Dziepak , who’s niece Phyllis Heaney grew up in Hooksett who is buried in Belgium . Phyllis donated Aimee Fogg’s book to the society . there was 18 members and quests in the audience

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