Fall events annouced

though summer is still with us ,the society is busy working on events for the fall. Our programs will feature women in the civil and The Granite Men of Henri-Chapelle which is a program on 40 WWII soldiers from NH buried in this Belgium cemetery which includes Hooksett’s Omar Nadeau. We plan to be open for history month with a few nights at the museum and we will be at the October 6,2013 dedication of the Veterans Park at Jacob Square which the HHS helped to raised funds with our sponsorship of the Town Family Feuds.


2 Responses

  1. I’m much interested in reading about Hooksett History. I’ve visited Jacob Square and upgrades over time are visible. We just dedicated, World War 1, World War 11, Korea, Vietnam, Irag/Afgan Veterans Memorial, Mt. Olive, NC. I served on committee. In two years we raised $80,000.00 for the memorial. We sold granite pavers, different sizes, different prices, walkway leading to memorial. One item remains. Wrought iron fence around memorials. NC ranks 2nd in the Nation for volunteers. Much work done is by volunteers. I’m a Military retiree. I tell people, I may be retired, but not too tired to do something else. By the way, my sister is Bernadette Chevrette

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