Town to install Ramp

A ramp will be installed at the Prescott Building > It will be located in the North east corner , in the back and will be incorporated within the same ramp that will provide new access to the Old town hall. This ramp will allow handicap accessibility without effecting the intregrity of the front of this 1909 building.  It will also allow for the old wooden ramp and entrace to the 1828 Town hall  to be removed and allow the front of that building be restored closer to its original appearance. As a  Town historic site , as well as  State historic Site and a building eligible for the National Registry members of the society, heritage commission, town and the division of NH historic resources met to discuss the best approach and decided that the ramp will provide needed acccess and maintain the buildings historic features without inpacting the national registry application. Peter Michaud from the State indicated to paraphase stated ” this is a win win situation for both the Prescott and Old Town Hall and will increase accessability to both buildings with limited inpact on their historic signficance”  Look for the new ramp soon


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