Veterans Park

Here is a letter to the Editor of the Hookset banner from Kathy Northrup on behalf of the Heritage Commission and Merrill Follansbee American Legion Post that was important enough for us to include here

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Heritage Commission and the Merrill-Follansbee American Legion Post, I recently appeared before the Town Council to express our wish to officially name the park area in Jacob Square which contains the town’s veterans’ monuments “Veterans’ Park at Jacob Square.”

We asked that action on the request be deferred pending public comment because we’d like to hear people’s thoughts on formalizing the park name.

We also need your help on gathering some history of the park. Very little documentation has been found about the original naming of the square after Pvt. Robert T. Jacob, that is: when, at whose request, etc. I’m hoping that anyone with any information about the veterans’ monuments, the park area or the square will contact me at or 669-8926. Any information gathered will be added to the historical record of the area. Thanks.


Kathie Northrup


Heritage Commission

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