April Society Minutes

April 26, 2012 Historical Society Meeting Minutes

Jim Sullivan welcomed members and guests to the meeting which is- Don’t throw out the paper and indicated that May’s will be called Having a fine time-postcards from Manchester

In April-Jim received postcards of White Rock Cabins near old Howard Johnson run by the Burbank family, Goodnight motel, Old town hall/ grange dishes and a Mt.St Mary brandy glass

Discussed Heritage Day/Heritage Month and activities of the Heritage Commission and the Veterans memorial project memorials.

Mrs. Cheverette spoke about her brother Arthur whose name missing from plague. which Kathy Northrup mentioned plagues and plans for cleaning Jacob square which is underway. Kathy Northrup thought that a donation from the Historical society was appropriate and asked the Society to help. Bob Thinnes made a motion to donate $200.00 and seconded by Diane Valade. Motion carried

May-Postcards presentation

Jim spoke about the scanning photo process of photo albums had begun, and we received some glass from the old tom cabins which were recently torn down. Jim purchased postcards from EBay of Howard Johnson and of Arthur Food Mart. Talked about additional money needed for scanning supplies and money to purchase more eBay items and money to support more presentations. He indicated that $400 was approved from Town Funds in September and asked for a reconfirmation of that vote and a request to authorize the remaining $350. Motion made on that request made by Brian Bair and seconded by Elizabeth Stewart. Motion Carried

Business meeting concluded and the guest speaker Charles Wibel was introduced and a 1 hour presentation was made on Don’t Throw out that paper


Submitted by Diane Valade, Secretary


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