Society minutes of March 24th

Historical society minutes
March 24 , 2011
Call to order at 6:30
Society was updated on future programs through
June 2011 including the society’s participation in May 28ths
Hooksett Heritage day. The day will feature a dedication of a Marker
Of the site of the Old Odd Fellows building on Veterans Drive sponsored by Heritage commission and Pansy Rebekah lodge #90. Our Prescott building will be open and we will hold a town Treasure hunt fundraiser
Bob Thinnes moved, Seconded by Kathy Northrup to authorize the society to purchase glass doors for cabinets at town hall not to exceed $300
Motion approved Discussion occured on town funds remaining and the society consensus was to continue to authorize the board to expend funds in obtaining historic items and preservation supplies not to exceed the $750 revieced from town   
Dorothy Robie read into the record a copy of a special meeting in 1909 were the town of Hooksett accepted the donation of the Prescott Library by
Arah Prescott
The program featured Jill Milos from UNH who  spoke on NH in the 1960’s highlighting the riots at Hampton beach and
Meeting adjourned at 8pm

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