Head School dedication remarks

Here are the remarks made by James A Sullivan the President of the Hooksett Historical Society

It is a great pleasure to be here at the dedication of this Historic Marker. The HHS takes great pride in the fact that not only does this marker recognize the historic importance of the Head school and Head cemetery to the town of Hooksett, it also recognizes the fact that School House #1 can and will continue to play a role in making more history.

To appreciate history, you must not only read about it, you must live it .

The one room school programs that will take place here will allow the children of Hooksett to live history, to touch history and to learn history. A part of our towns glorious past now will be part of our glorious future.

I would be remised if I did not mention that in 1965 this very same building became known as Heads Chapel. That dedication holds a special place in my heart for it was during Dorothy Allen’s, my grandmothers, term of President of the Hooksett Women’s Club that the school was restored into a Town Chapel. She took great pride in that accomplishment but I think that today she would be even more pleased with it being rededicated as a School. As a teacher in Hooksett for 45 years she would be honor to know that once again that this one room school house will once again play a role in educating future Generations of Hooksett children.

As President of the HHS and as a Hooksett School Board member, I take great pleasure in congratulating all those involved in this project and I am pleased to know that preserving History and providing Education can be fun and a worthwhile endeavor when done together. Yesterday , today and tomorrow Head school house #1 has, is and will continue to make history. Thank you


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