Genealogy program a success

The societies meeting on September 23 was enjoyed by 20 guests who were learned the ins and outs of  starting  your own search for your roots. Keys to this is establishing as system of tracking your relatives, using library and internet resources , especially locating orignal records and having fun.

there are so many genealogy charts that can be used and he showed us a family tree that traced back 52 generations all the way to Charlemaine. The program was provided in association with the NH historical Society.  At the meeting the Society authorized the board to expend funds as dee,ed necesary on purchasing historic items from ebay and  supplies related to preserving and promoting hooksett history such as office supplies and historic presevation storage items. It was noted that this authorization was similar to the previous years authorization


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  1. For those who were inquiring into whether the town has a genealogy research center- There is no one place to locate your ancestors in town, but perhaps a visit to the town clerk where you could track down birth records or perhaps a visit to the NH room in the Public library might be useful. I would suggest a visit to the NH Historical society in Concord as another place to start you family research

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