China Dragon Menu found

The society bid on and won a circa 1980’s Menu from the world famous China Dragon restuarant which was located on Hooksett Rd Just north of Rileys guns.  It was destroyed in a Fire in early 1988.  As a Side note- I was there and it was such a trajedy to loose such a great building. I was also known as the Jade Dragon and previously know as Allen Lodge and GoatLand Ball room.  The Old marble Dragons that once adorned the front of the restuarant are now located on the grounds of the Prescott Library

here is a match book from the dragon that was also obtained.   the society has a piece of the carpet from the restuarant and a ashtray as well plus photo’s of the restuarant

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  1. My mom, grandmother and aunt all worked at the China Dragon in the 1960’s as waitresses.

  2. We have been searching, trying to find a copy of an old China Dragon Menu to see if a particular item (Shar Shell Ding) was there. is there any way to view the menu online?

  3. Used to go there with my parents when I was a kid

    • My grandfather owned that. The most amazing man I know

      • This was my favorite place as a kid. Loved the Chinese Chews and wonder if Tianna, who said her grandfather owned the place, would have the recipe for this wonderful treat. I’ve looked everywhere for a recipe similar and not been able to find one.

  4. I have such fond memories of the China Dragon restaurant. Our family ate there quite regularly and I wish I had the recipes for the sginature dishes. Does anyone know where I could obtain them?

  5. They made the best soft candy with seeds all over served after dinner was done . Never could find a recipe to match it

  6. Harry Moi told my husband and me that we would always judge Chinese restaurants by the Dragon. He was right, it was the best.

  7. I played in a band called “Island” that played there around ’78 or ’79. The manager’s name was Ruth I believe. Fun times.

  8. I have a lot of fond memories of the China Dragon.

    George Vreeland Hill

  9. I celebrated my first wedding anniversary on May 23, 1971 at the China Dragon. I have the menu (although I wrote on the top of it that it was “Our First Anniversary Dinner”.) It was in a notebook so there are hole punches in the middle. I also have the Tikki Lounge drink menu and drink coaster. Contact me if you would like these items.

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