The Pinnacle

Pinnacle Park- shown above – The following is from a advertisement found in the Society’s collection on the park 
A nine mile ride from Concord or Manchester,by trolley or steam cars, located at Hooksett. This constitutes an ideal place for picnics , with fifty acres to roam about in. The observation tower on the top of the Pinnacle  rises to a height of 490 feet above the river at high water, and affords a view of Manchester, Concord, Suncook and the pleasant village of  Hooksett nestling at one’s feet.
      It has been visted by people from every State in the Union, the various Countries of Europe, all the Republics of South America, the Provincees of Canada, an is growing in favor with the public from year to year
     From this Pinnacle, the view of the Merrimack River has been compared with the vistas of the Mississippi ,and  the effect is heightened by looking at it in a mirror. Certainly there is no more picturesque stream that the winding Merrimack , bordered by precipitous hills or green meadows, as it hastens toward the sea. On the other hand is a lake of beautiful green tinged water, having no visable inlet or outlet, of purest water for drinking, and affording ideal ground for fishing and boating
      In this Park is a fine collection of Deer, foxes and other animals, constituting an interesting Natural History Exhibit, and well calculated to please the children, as well as adults.
     The grove is provided with electric lights and swing chairs, and a pavillion with a floor for dancing, and complete set of disshes , makes the place suitable for picnics in any kind of weather.
     Admission to all privileges, only 10 cents
             Henry C. Carbee, Proprietor
                          1910 Postcard: 'Pinnacle at Hooksett, New Hampshire NH'
                          1910 PC: Birdseye View- Hooksett Village, New Hampshire

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