Old town hall again in spotlight

Check out the latest addition of the Hooksett banner  , where two articles are featured plus an editorial by Ginger Kozlowski.  Well said Ginger! The news  is interesting to say the least.  The attorney general states that the  deed restricting the building’s muncipal use can be transfer to the new town hall.  How is that possible? I for one would like more information on that aspect. If my memory serves me right there are already restrictions for the new town hall as dictated in the Town warrant article that accepted the village school from the school district.

As stated previously , Town hall must be saved. Its historic and is a valuable piece of the towns past.  It must be preserved  and not turned into a restuatant. From the point of view of the historical society it cannot and should not be altered into anything that will impact the Prescott Library. The two buildings are only 5 feet away.  I hope the powers that be have looked into my suggestions for funding. 1- use monies from the summer academy to save town hall or use the same funds that were used to rehab the village school into Town Hall.  For comparison sake , it is stated it will cost $600,000 to save old town hall , what was the cost to restore the village school which is at least 5 times as large.

We must tread carefully on this subject and as the Banner states if we can save Robies Country Store , we can truly save the oldest public building in town. It should be used as a museum for there is so much that can be displayed on hooksett history . not the mention the possibility of items from private sources.

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